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Volume 5 No 1 published June 2000

The Table of Contents


The Legacy of Julius K. Nyerere
Alli A. M Mazrui : 1

Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere: An African Visionary
Tukumbi Lumunba Kasongo : 8


Implementation of Bottlenecks and Constraints Associated with World Bank-assisted Projects in Nigeria
Okon Eminue : 13

The Political Economy of Landmines: Focus on Africa
Adedeji Ebo : 30

A Historical Perspective of the Nature and Development of Rwanda/Burundi Ethnic Conflict
Victor Ojakorotu & T.A. Adeola : 48

The Non-proliferation Treaty (1968), Developing Countries and World Security: Some Revisitation Reflections
Dokun Oyesola
: 68

Nuclear Issues and Nigeria
Charles Quaker- Dokubo
: 83

A Linear Programming Approach to Selected Troop Concentration Points on Highway Network:The case of Western Nigeria
Gambo Ahmed Kurfi : 105

The Legitimation of Intervention through Collective Security Regime: Some Policy Implications of the Gulf War
Celestine O. Bassey
: 117

Book Review

Unvanquished: USA-UN Saga by Boutros-Ghali : 149

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