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Journal of the Nigerian Association of Infection Control

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About the journal ....

ISSN No: 1119-1716

Year first published: 1998 Circulation: Local & International

Name of Editor(s): Professor F T Ogunsola

PARENT BODY/ORGANISATION: College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria.

PUBLISHER: College of Medicine.

ADDRESS: NICA Secretariat, Ground Floor, Medical Library Building, College of Medicine, Idi-Araba, NIGERIA

TEL: +234 1 5835629 Fax: +234 1 5851432 EMAIL: [email protected]

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  Members Non-Members Members Non-Members
Nigeria N1000 N1500 N500 N750
Africa US $50 US$75 US$30 US$40
Europe   US$100   US$50
U.S.A. & Canada   US$200   US$100
Middle East and Asia   US$200   US$100


Brief description of contents, contributors and readership:

The Journal of the Nigerian Infection Control Association publishes articles which deal with clinical medicine, basic medical science, dental sciences, pharmaceutical, veterinary sciences, nursing services and medical education and other related disciplines which are pertinent to infection control.

Language of Publication: English Language.

Subject: Biological Sciences; Medicine;

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