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The Nigerian Journal of Natural Products and Medicine is an international journal published annually since 1997 and dedicated to research into natural product.

Research Areas:

1. Phytochemistry

2. Chemistry of Bio-active compounds

3. Microscopic, standardization and other analytical methods

4. Biochemistry, physiology, cell structures

5. Pharmacology, toxicology of plant and their active principles

6. Medical application; Clinical studies on efficiency of traditional medicinal practice/ethnoveterinary

7. Antimicrobial, antiviral, antiparasite activities

8. Ethnobotany/Ethnopharmacology

9. Plant cultivation

10. Plant-derived drugs and ethnomedicines, Pharmaceutical formulations and evaluation


The following types of publications may be submitted:

Reviews (up to 12 typewritten pages)

Reviews will generally be invited. They should report aspects and developments in the field of medicinal plant research or traditional medical practice. They should he as concise as possible and do not need to include experimental details. The main purpose of these reviews is to provide a concise and accurate introduction to the subject matter and inform the reader of the latest developments in this area.

Original Papers (up to 12 typewritten pages)

Papers are research articles describing original experimental results. The material should be arranged in the order: Abstract, Key words, Introduction, Discussion and Experimental (Materials and Methods). The Experimental section should contain sufficient detail so that others are able to reproduce the experiment.

Letter (up to 4 typewritten pages)

Letters should report on generally interesting results (e.g., isolation of new or known plant substances from new sources, clinical observation and/or biological reports on herbal preparations and practice, new biological activities of known compounds, observations in traditional medical and veterinary practice, etc.). Neither an abstract nor a separate experimental section is necessary in the reports. The methods (if any) used should be indicated by appropriate citations of the literature and plants should be correctly named using both local and scientific names. Letters will be published preferentially and more rapidly.

Original papers will be evaluated with the aid of independent referees; the editors will evaluate letters only. Review articles are usually published upon invitation to leading scientists in the area of specialty. There is no charge in this respect. All manuscripts (one original and two copies) or a copy and a 3.5" diskette using Microsoft Windows compatible programme or by e-mail should be submitted to:

Editor in Chief: Professor S. A. Adesanya

Department of Pharmacognosy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.
[email protected]

Language of publication is English or French.


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