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INASP Links & Resources “Access to information”

About this site

The INASP Links & Resources section provides a quick-access guide to selected Web sites and Internet resources that will be of special interest to the library and information science communities, and to scientists and publishers in developing countries. In particular it is designed to assist organizations involved in electronic networks for development, and those who are thinking of moving to an electronic environment for scholarly communication.

What's new?

Last updated and links added June 2003.
The INASP Health Links section is updated every week.

Following the thorough overhaul of the INASP Links & Resources pages that was carried out in January this year, a number of further refinements have now been introduced to make the site easier to navigate. Several sub-headings grouped under Information & Communication Development and Resources have now become too large, and we therefore introduced a range of new sub-sections in July. This included an entirely new main section on Using the Internet arranged under nine sub-topics; and which is followed by the Resources section. A substantial number of further links were added during the course of 2001, and in April 2002.


The first section, Information & Communication Development, provides links to Web sites and resources on information and communication technology, Internet access and ICT infrastructure in developing countries, links to communication initiatives and networking communities, together with a section on library networks for and in the developing world.

The second part is devoted to Organizations & Partners, including links to other agencies and networks involved in promoting sustainable development; together with links to organizations supporting book and library development, and book professional and other associations and learned societies.

Publishing & Scholarly Communication provides links to Web sites, resources, and articles dealing with scholarly communication in a digital environment, electronic book and journal publishing, and Web-based publishing. There are also sub-sections on African journals and journal publishing, links relating to publishing training support, and a number of Web sites on copyright, especially those devoted to copyright issues in electronic publishing.

A short, for the most part descriptive, annotation is provided for each Web site. 

All links that are specifically related to health are now available in an expanded resource, INASP Health Links

The new Using the Internet section has been substantially reorganized with new sub-divisions as set out above, and which are followed by an extensive Resources section.

The Resources section provides access to some of the best and richest Internet sites on development studies - and to some of the major gateway sites for African, Asian, and Latin American studies - as well as offering links to some other useful Web sites and resources, including databases, bibliographies, journals, newsletters, and more. Additionally, we provide links to, and short descriptions of, a small number of recommended Web guides, directories, and major (multidisciplinary) gateway sites and portals. There are also links to some further useful Web resources on library and information sciences, archives and museums, book and journal publishing, and a number of recommended databases, indexes, and virtual libraries.

Suggest a site/Contacting us

The INASP Links & Resources section is regularly updated, and we would be pleased to receive suggestions for additional links that would be appropriate for inclusion, particularly Web sites in Africa, Asia and Latin America. 

Please send suggestions to [email protected]  with a short description about the site. We would also be grateful if dead links, or changes in URLs, could be brought to our attention.

The INASP Links & Resources Section is compiled and edited by Hans M. Zell, with the assistance and input from INASP staff members.
The INASP Web site is maintained by Sue Martin.
This page was last updated on: 29 September 2003 International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP) 1998-2002.
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