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Volume 1 Number 1, 1998

Address at the launching of the Nigerian Infection Control Association. 

4 - 5

Dr. Shehu Sule.

The Role of Antiseptic in Infection Control. 

8 - 10

S.A.W. Gibson, A.P.Fraise, A.Duse, S.F.Bloomsfield and Reancharoen.


The Challenges of Infectious Diseases - A Nigerian Perspective. 


Prof. A. Salako.

A Review of Nosocomial Infection at the Lagos university Teaching Hospital: 

14 - 20

Problems and Strategies for Improvement.

F.T.Ogunsola, O.Oduyebo, K.C. Iregbu, A.O.Coker and A.Adetunji.


Experience with Hospital- Acquired Infections in Pediatric Wards of 

21 - 26

the Lagos University Teaching Hospital.

C.N. Kesah, M.T.C. Egri -Okwaji, E.O.Iroha and Tolu Odugbemi.


Potency Studies of live- Attenuated Viral Vaccines Administered in 

27 - 33

Lagos Metropolis, Nigeria.

S.A.Omilabu, A.O. Oyefolu, R.A. Audu, O.O. Ojo and S.O. Badru.




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