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Volume 3 No.1 2000

Keynote Address
Dr. Adetokunbo Adedeji

Original Articles
The Re- Emergence of Tuberculosis-A Warning To The Practicing dentist
G.A Agbelusi, O.O. Sofola and Jeboda

Burkholderia cepacia infection at A university Teaching Hospital in Lagos, Nigeria
O.O.Oduyebo, F.T.Ogunsola and T.O. Odugbemi

Nosocomial Malaria Infection in Admitted Patients At Lagos University Teaching Hospital-A Preliminary Study
A.O Oduwole and O.Olubanjo

A Comparative study of patterns of prescription ofAntibiotics in Two Health Centres in Lagos
A.A Akinyede, A.F.B. Mabadeje and M. O. Aliu.

Risk Factors, Clinical Features and Management Of Children With Diarrhoea in Lagos.
R.A. Audu, S.A. Omiliabu, J. K. Renner, and J.A.Awodiji

Antibacterial screening of Five Nigerian Medicinal Plants Against S. Typhi and S. Paratyphi
K.A. Akinyemi, A.O Coker, C. Bayagbon, A.O.B. Oyefolu, K.A. Akinside and E.O. Omonigbehin

Effect Of Virkon Disinfectant Brand Of Potassium Monoperoxysulphate On Multiply-Resistant, Hospital-Acquired Clinical Isolates
F.T. Ogunsola, T.I. Ogunsanya and O.O Oduyebo


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