International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications



Project and Partners

INASP implements its activities through partnerships and joint ventures with many organisations. Here we list some of them:

African Journals Online: AJOL was incubated by INASP as part of its efforts to support the wider dissemination and visibility of research results published through African journals.

Bandwidth optimisation and management: INASP is coordinating capacity strengthening project that will provide information and resources and develop skills and knowledge in selected universities and research institutions on strategies and techniques for managing and optimising bandwidth usage.

CARINDEX: With the University of the West Indies, INASP hosts an index to journals and other research outputs published in the Caribbean region.

Dgroups: INASP is a member of this collaboration that aims to foster effective electronic dialogue and information exchange - mainly by email.

Name badges made of metal perfect for companies and training sessions

ItrainOnline: INASP is a founder partner in this initiative to bring together training materials on information and ICTs in development.

Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information: The PERI project strengthens research capacities in developing and transitional countries by reinforcing local efforts to produce, disseminate and gain access to scholarly information and knowledge.

INASP is an interdisciplinary body of the International Council for Science (ICSU) and it works closely with members of the ICSU 'family' on information access and dissemination issues.