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INASP Rural Development 

Most of the world's poorest people still live in rural areas. As part of its mission to enable worldwide access to agricultural information and knowledge, INASP seeks to improve information exchange and collaboration among organisations and institutions working on agricultural and rural development issues. 

In this programme, INASP works to promote:

  • Networking - catalysing people-to-people exchanges in agriculture and rural development.
  • Accessing - facilitating sustainable access to information for agricultural and rural development.
  • Sharing - supporting local exchange of agricultural information and knowledge.
  • Publishing - strengthening local agricultural knowledge creation and dissemination.

INASP acts as an enabler and broker, connecting worldwide information and expertise and seeking to enhance the capacities of people and organisations in developing countries to themselves access and contribute information, ideas and knowledge necessary for sustainable and equitable rural development.

Our activities include the following.

Accessing Information - who is doing what?

To foster cooperation and networking among likeminded bodies and individuals, INASP maintains a database of organisations and networks (450+) active in agricultural and rural development in developing countries. A profile of each organisation gives contact details, a brief description of the organisation, highlighting its objectives, activities, subject areas of interest and geographical coverage, and details on its information and networking activities. This information is continually updated and published online. It can also be purchased as a printed Directory and on CD ROM.

Publishing Information - disseminating local knowledge

INASP supports the efforts of local organisations to publish and disseminate their information. See the activities within the Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information (PERI), and African Journal OnLine (AJOL) - many of the participating titles are of direct relevance to agriculture and rural development. Additionally, INASP organises and supports training workshops, courses and study tours for various types of information and communication managers in the sector - see our publishing support.

To assist local publishers, INASP has published two manuals in collaboration with CTA:

  • A Guidebook on Journal Publishing for Agriculture and Rural Development
  • A Practical Guide to Marketing and Promotion for Agricultural and Rural Development Publications 

Print versions of both manuals can be purchased, click here for details

Networking - promoting dialogue and collaboration 

Putting people in contact with information is already a very important step. Putting people and organisations into contact with others like them is an equally valuable way to promote access to information in this area.

INASP is an active member of the International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists (IAALD) - the worldwide professional association in this sector. It also has close ties with the FAO, CTA, the CGIAR as well as other country and regional networks and bodies working to improve access to agricultural information.

Recognising the usefulness of the Internet as a vehicle for electronic dialogue and discussion, in late 2003 INASP moderated and facilitated electronic discussions on the topic "ICTs - transforming agricultural extension?" Supported by CTA, the reports from the discussions are available at  under 'resources'.

For further information, please contact .

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