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INASP is a cooperative network of partners. Its mission is to enhance the flow of information within and between countries, especially those with less developed systems of publication and dissemination. INASP was established in 1992 by the International Council for Science (ICSU), as a programme of the Committee for the Dissemination of Scientific Information (CDSI).


  • to map, support and strengthen existing activities promoting access to and dissemination of scientific and scholarly information and knowledge;
  • to identify, encourage and support new initiatives that will increase local publication and general access to quality scientific and scholarly literature;
  • to promote in-country capacity building in information production, organization, access and dissemination.

INASP is advised by an international Council. The Network is open to all interested organizations and individuals.

Activities and services

Advisory and liaison services

  • offers advice and support on all aspects of literature publication and dissemination, especially in response to and in partnership with institutions in developing and transitional countries;
  • assists a number of funding and development agencies in the establishment and implementation of information-related programmes.


Aims to strengthen the overall effectiveness of international health information activities through co-operation, analysis, and advocacy and acts as a facilitator and focal point for organizations, North and South, working together to improve access to reliable, relevant information for health professionals in developing and transitional countries.

Initiative on networking organizations and networks in rural development (South-South)  

Includes programmes and activities for the dissemination of research results within and between ‘developing countries’.

Library support programmes 

examples include:

Links & Resources

‘Access to Information’

INASP Health Links

Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information (PERI )

Includes countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Caribbean and NIS in a four component programme in support of research capacity building:

  • Delivering information
  • Disseminating national and regional research results
  • Enhancing ICT skills
  • Strengthening local publishing

Publishing support initiatives  

Examples include:

  • African Journals OnLine Publishing Project (AJOPP): a pilot project to offer full-text electronic delivery to ten African journals and to evaluate whether this method increases journal use and sustainability
  • Book and Journal Publishing (both print & electronic): includes preparation of a number of practical manuals and handbooks, and facilitation of workshops.
  • Journals OnLine programmes: programmes which aim to enable the results of research undertaken and published in developing & transitional countries to become more widely known and accessible, and to strengthen the academic and scholarly publishing sectors. For example, African Journals Online (AJOL) in Africa.

ICT Training 


Including Newsletter at

Financial support

We are grateful for financial support from the British Medical Association, Carnegie Corporation of New York, ICSU/CDSI, CTA, Danida, Department for International Development (DFID, UK), French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Academy of Sciences (USA), NORAD, Reuters, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Sida, UNESCO and WHO.

About CDSI

The Committee on the Dissemination of Scientific Information (CDSI) is one of ICSU's eight special policy and advisory committees. It is charged with providing advice to the ICSU family about scientific publications, new developments in information technology, access to data and information, and pertinent legal issues. The headquarters of ICSU is in Paris, 


Director: Carol Priestley
Deputy Director: Peter Ballantyne
Advisor: Diana Rosenberg
Senior Programme Manager (Health): Neil Pakenham-Walsh
Senior Programme Manager (Training): Martin Belcher
Senior Programme Manager (Information Delivery):  Sarah Durrant
Senior Programme Manager (Publishing): Pippa Smart
Programme Manager: Anne Powell
Programme Officer: Pru Watts-Russell
Programme Officer (Training): Sara Gwynn
Finance Officer: Christopher Follett
Administrative Officer: Sioux Cumming
Administrative Officer (Health): Valérie Zitoun
Newsletter Editor: Pippa Smart
Newsletter designer: Ard Jongsma
Coordinator, Caribbean & Latin America: Maritza Hee Houng
Administrative Assistant: Blanca Gonzalez

Advisory council

Chairman: Prof N. Mukunda (Center for Theoretical Studies Indian Institute of Sciences)

Minella Alarcon (Science Sector, UNESCO, France)
Prof Anna Boyajyan (Armenian National Academy of Sciences/BioEcoMed NGO)
Professor Mohamed Hassan (Third World Academy of Sciences, Italy)
Dominique Hounkonnou (Ministry of Rural Development, Benin)
Abel Packer (BIREME - Latin American and Caribbean Centre for Information, Brazil)
Praditta Siripan (National Science & Technology Development Agency, Thailand)
Wendy D White (National Research Council/National Academy of Sciences, USA)

For further information on services and activities, please contact:

INASP, 58 St Aldates, Oxford OX1 1ST, UK
Tel: +44 1865 249 909
Fax: +44 1865 251 060
Email: [email protected] 


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