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Delivering information
Strengthening national research publications
ICT and E-resource management training
Supporting country collaboration and networking
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Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information (PERI) 

A programme to support capacity building in the research sector in developing and transitional countries by strengthening the production, access and dissemination of information and knowledge.

Delivers information

Goal: ICT- enabled national access to international research findings

Research community identifies required resources; INASP negotiates affordable, sustainable access Licences; Publishers provide low-price access to high-value content; Countrywide access available to not-for-profit Institutes; No cost at point of use; Access to over 11,000 full text journals; Extensive bibliographic database information; Document delivery

Strengthens national research publications

Goal: Improved local publication quality, visibility and sustainability

National journals supported to publish; Online publishing support; Worldwide promotion of journals; National and international workshops; Study tours and publishing partnerships; Print and online resources for publishers and editors .

Enhances ICT skills

Goal: Enhance skills in using electronic information resources and tools

The effective use and management of electronic resources and tools requires a number of skills. In response to requests for help in enhancing these skills, PERI supports in-country workshops and trains local facilitators. The workshop use modular materials and 'travel' both between and within countries.

Supports country collaboration and networking

Goal: Stronger local mechanisms for information resource sharing

National networking and consortia building
Aims and objectives
Programme elements

Research and development

Goal: Providing answers to challenges identified in the field

Commission and support case studies
Undertake research
Pilot and evaluate new tools and techniques
Aims and objectives
Bandwidth research
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