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Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information (PERI)

Strengthening national research publications

Improved local publication quality, visibility and sustainability

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Aims and objectives

  • To increase dissemination opportunities for nationally produced information.
  • To enhance sustainable access to the nationally produced research information. 
  • To ensure the provision of training and skill sharing to enhance editing, publishing, production and distribution skills. 
  • To ensure the improvement in quality of national publications. 

Training workshops
INASP provides support for national and regional workshops for publishers and editors to enhance skills and capacity for research publishing. Workshops include production and design, editing skills, copyright, enhancing visibility, evaluation and strategic planning, and online publishing strategy and methodology.

Workshops are adjusted for participant needs and modules varied according to the objectives of the delegates. All workshops are participatory and include practical sessions, discussion and objective-setting by the delegates.

Online publishing programme

INASP has built a methodology to provide a web platform for journals (or other publications) to use in promoting their content worldwide.

  • Selection: to establish the criteria for inclusion of different types of content; 
  • Identification: to identify and locate the content for inclusion; 
  • Liaison: to coordinate the various partners in establishing the online service;  
  • Planning: to establish the workflow and responsibilities for managing the service; 
  • Implementation: to launch the service; 
  • Promotion: to promote the content and the service; 
  • Management: to maintain and continue the service; and 
  • Monitoring and evaluation: to review the service and report on its success. 

INASP has adopted an open source software "Open Journals System" (OJS) which was originally developed by the Public Knowledge Project in Canada ( This has been adapted to manage a large number of journals, and although it is primarily intended to host only article abstracts it also has the facility to include full text articles.

The software enables anyone to load content (password-controlled). The only requirements are that the user has access to the internet and some basic training (see above). No special software or computing skills are required.

As the technology is open source, it is available for implementation in any region in the world, and INASP is able to provide support to any future projects. See the INASP Journal Publishing System for more information.

African Journals OnLine (AJOL)
Launched in 1998 by INASP, AJOL now contains over 200 peer reviewed African journals on an online site (, providing a window to the world. There are over 5000 registered users from all regions of the world, and over 18,000 articles within the system.

AJOL is now managed within the African Continent. See the Press release.

For more information about the site, visit the website.

INASP supports CARINDEX, which comprises an index of literature prepared and maintained by the Library of the University of the West Indies (UWI) and which is hosted on the INASP website - CARINDEX

Other Journal OnLine initiatives
INASP is also working within Latin America, with CLACSO to support the creation of a digital library containing social science journals (and other publications) from many countries within Latin America.

In Asia, INASP are working with partners in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Vietnam to launch an online programme to support the online publication of journals within this region.

Partnership programme
Working with the Association of Learned, Professional and Society publishers (ALPSP), INASP is supporting partnerships to assist communication between publishers and journals. 

INASP provides advice regarding publishing issues, including indexing and citation. For example, during 2003 INASP provided advice on setting up XML files to enable a journal that had been accepted by Medline to supply their content in a form that Medline would be able to load onto their database. 

A number of guide sheets on a variety of topics of use to publishers, editors and all associated with the publication of science information are made available on the INASP website, in addition to links to other useful websites and online resources. The available guide sheets can be found by clicking here.

Study visits
INASP supports study visits to enable publishers and editors to discuss publishing issues, and undertake training to enhance their knowledge and their own publications. In the past three years INASP have supported study visits from the Journal of Social Development in Africa, the African Crop Science Journal (Uganda), The journal AJFAND (Kenya) and the Addis Ababa University Press (Ethiopia). 

Regional activities
INASP is working with regional organisations to provide support, for example, with CLACSO, an international, not-governmental network which promotes the investigation, discussion and dissemination of information in the social sciences. Working with CLACSO, INASP are providing support for training workshops. 

Other related INASP activities
Publishing support is also provided by the INASP Publishing Support programme, details of which can be found elsewhere on the website.

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Further information available from Pippa Smart at


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