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Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information (PERI) 

Delivering information

Aims and objectives

  • to provide researchers with access to international scholarly literature based on electronic delivery - unlimited access to journals, databases and articles across the widest range of disciplines.
  • to develop a network of libraries, national and international, to interface with researchers in developing and transitional countries to maximise access to and use of international scholarly literature.


Country Coordinators assist INASP in reviewing the current situation in their country with respect to the supply and availability of scholarly literature. In collaboration with the research community, the resource requirements for each country are identified.

INASP negotiates access to as many required resources as possible with content owners and publishers.
The exact cost of each resource is related to the GDP of the country, and although many of the resources are available without cost as part of PERI, others are obtainable at up to 98% discount on the normal subscription rates.


Nearly all of the resources are available on a countrywide licence basis: this means that anyone in an educational, research or non-profit environment is eligible to access them.

PERI already includes:

  • over 14,500 full text online journals
  • many of the world's leading citation, bibliographic and reference databases
  • document delivery from over 20,000 research journals
  • CD-ROM (or DVD) format can be provided where they are available.

As additional materials are identified and become obtainable, participants in the programme make a selection - in line with their current needs and research priorities, and the funding available. 

  • Further details of the publishers, aggregators and information providers that are making their resources available in PERI.

Further information available from Sarah Durrant


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