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Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information (PERI)

Supporting country collaboration and networking

Organising and providing access to the increasing information and knowledge base is proving to be far beyond the capacity of any single organisation. There is a need for organisations and information providers to collaborate to pool resources and jointly provide access and services that people need.

At the country level, various kinds of networking and cooperation mechanisms are emerging, seeking to ensure that locally-produced as well as ‘imported’ information is shared and used to its full potential.

INASP operates a range of activities to promote and support country networking. Initiatives include the following.

Spaces for discussion and collaboration

Individuals need to discuss issues of relevance to their own situation to share and build capacities to manage information resources. To enable this exchange, INASP provide various fora for discussion, these include:

  • annual meetings of country coordinators

  • ad hoc meetings, workshops and other events to bring together participants in-country

INASP also supports complementary networking activities under its Health, Library Support, Publishing and Rural programmes. In particular support to conferences and workshops of professional associations and Email discussion lists, such as HIF-net at WHO.

Connecting knowledge and expertise

INASP maintains a global knowledge base from which it provides information, advice and specific answers. Through its directories and networks, information activities are ‘mapped’ and people with queries are connected to institutions and individuals with relevant expertise.

The INASP Directory contains over 300 detailed profiles of organisations and activities supporting any aspect of production, access to, and dissemination of, information and knowledge. Other examples are the INASP-Health Directory and the INASP Rural Development Directory . 

Negotiation and licensing skills for library networks

As librarians become more skilled in managing electronic resources the next challenge is to manage country networks for purchasing, managing and disseminating the resources available.  In May 2004 INASP supported participation in an Association of Research Libraries (ARL) distance learning course on Licensing and Negotiation.  Delegates came from Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Malawi.

In collaboration with the ARL, the course participants and librarians in partner countries, INASP hopes to develop elements of the course for wider implementation through its training programmes, adapting modules to conditions experienced within developing countries.

Full course details can be found at: <> Enquiries about future licensing and negotiations skills training can be sent to Martin Belcher or Sarah Durrant at INASP.

For more information about the country networking activities, please contact Sara Gwynn, .


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