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PERI: Component 3
1. Delivers information
2. Disseminates national and regional research
3. Enhances ICT skills
4. Strengthens local  publishing
5. Supports country collaboration and networking
6. Research and development
Eligible countries

Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information (PERI)

Component 3 - Enhancing ICT skills

Aim and Objective

Enhanced skills in using electronic resources and tools within library, university and research communities throughout the developing and transitional world.

INASP ICT Training Workshops

A range of workshops and supporting training activities are available from INASP as part of PERI. All of the training materials are available to download for free under a Creative Commons license.

INASP ICT Training Characteristics

All training activities that INASP undertake, support or are involved in aim to have the following characteristics:

  • Participatory
  • Evaluated (post-event)
  • Demand led
  • Replicable
  • Locally contextualised
  • Measurable outcome
  • Quality assured (pre-event)
  • Help to meet INASP strategic objectives

INASP ICT Training Methodology

INASP's 'travelling' training methodology has been developed through extensive engagement and feedback from partner organisations in library, university and research communities.

The key characteristics of the methodology are:

  • In-country training: promotes training that reflects and responds to participants daily working environment
  • Multi-participant/single-site: encourages peer-support via a critical mass of trained people in each location
  • National and regional facilitators: builds local skills and capacity both in the subject area and in the development and delivery of the training programme
  • National and regional 'cascades': supports networking, capacity building and extensive, cost-effective sharing of skills and training
  • Modular training materials: generates an adaptable resource bank of high-quality training and support materials.
  • On-going monitoring and evaluation: maintains high standards and on-going improvements and response to learning.
  • Participative: enhances learning and knowledge sharing through hands-on, practical exercises and activity-based group work

Further details of the process, benefits and history of the travelling methodology are available.


If you have any questions or comments about INASP training please feel free to contact the .

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