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International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications
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PERI: Component 4
1. Delivers information
2. Disseminates national and regional research
3. Enhances ICT skills
4. Strengthens local  publishing
5. Supports country collaboration and networking
6. Research and development
Eligible countries

Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information (PERI)

Component 4 Strengthening publishing

To enable effective publication of nationally produced research information

Aims and objectives

  • To ensure the provision of training and skill sharing to enhance editing, publishing, production and distribution skills;
  • To ensure the improvement in quality of national publications.

Programme elements and activities

INASP works with publishers and editors to improve skills and quality of publications, to make them more attractive to authors, and to assist them in becoming more sustainable.

  • Training workshops: INASP provide support for in-country and international workshops in publishing and editing skills. For details of workshops already undertaken, please see the Publishing support web page. INASP have provided training materials, and these will shortly be available on the training area of our website.
  • Advice: INASP provide advice regarding publishing issues, including indexing and citation. In addition to direct provision of advice, INASP also support networking and partnerships (see below). For example, during 2003 INASP provided advice on setting up XML files to enable a journal that had been accepted by Medline to supply their content in a form that Medline would be able to load onto their database.
  • Online publishing support: In 2001 a 3-year pilot project to assist African journals to publish the full text of their journals on the Web was started. Ten journals were invited to a workshop which covered the basics of e-journal publishing and provided information to enable them to decide their best option in moving towards full text electronic publication. The journals are now being assisted in following through their preferred method of going online. The project has been extended a further year to evaluate the success of this type of support.
  • Publications and other resources: INASP provide publications and other resources for publishers and editors see the Publications page.
  • Partnerships: working with the Association of Learned, Professional and Society publishers (ALPSP),  INASP are supporting partnerships to assist communication between publishers and journals.
  • Study visits: INASP support study visits to enable publishers and editors to discuss publishing issues, and undertake training to enhance their knowledge and their own publications. In the past two years INASP have supported study visits from the Journal of Social Development in Africa, the African Crop Science Journal  (Uganda), The journal AJFAND (Kenya) and the Addis Ababa University Press (Ethiopia).
  • Journal evaluation methodology. INASP are working with Index Copernicus to draw up a methodology for evaluating journals, based on quality of presentation and content. This is planned to be launched on the Index Copernicus website in 2004.
  • Regional activities. INASP are working with regional organisations to provide support, for example, with CLACSO,  an international, not-governmental network which promotes the investigation, discussion and dissemination of information in the social sciences. Working with CLACSO, INASP are providing support for some of their members to attend important Latin American conferences, and to digitise some of their holdings.

Journal editors and publishers are invited to submit short proposals of their training needs for any of the above activities to INASP.

Other related INASP activities

Support for publishers is also provided through PERI Component 2 activities, which provides a methodology for enabling online visibility of publications.

Contact details

Further information available from Pippa Smart at [email protected]   

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