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HIF-net is the email discussion list for providers and users of health information in resource-poor settings. Launched in July 2000 in collaboration with WHO, the list is moderated, focused, and text-only. The list has more than 1400 subscribers, from more than 130 countries worldwide. Subscribers include health professionals, librarians, publishers, NGOs, and international agencies. More than half of subscribers are based in developing countries. The address of the list is

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What people say about HIF-net

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"HIF-net is the best list that deals with health information... in many ways. It seems to me that its membership is of very high quality, serious people, active people, people who seem to have a mission in delivery of health information." Dr. Najeeb Al-Shorbaji, WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean [2003]

"The information that I have received from this resource has been crucial to my academic and professional survival in Ghana." Dr Victor Doku, Psychiatrist and Epidemiologist, Kintampo Health Research Centre, Ghana [2003]

"An extremely useful network regarding training, education and information technology initiatives in the developing world. I rely mainly on this list for information. I have made many useful contacts through the list which have greatly assisted my work." Dr Stephen Allen, University of Oxford 'E-learning Programme on Global Health', UK [2003]

"I find the global overview invaluable of how various people from totally different geographic, cultural, economic, social, operational roles in the health field in all areas view the dissemination of information." Michael Smolens, 3BillionBooks, USA [2003]

"This has been the most fascinating, very educative net discussion I have come across. As a research student and health professional to be, I have found this forum to provide a wide, up to and great insight in many aspects of health and especially in developing countries." Gertrude A Wafula, Manchester University, UK [2003]

"We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of the many people, particularly HIF-net members, for their support." Association for Health Information and Libraries in Africa, AHILA [2002]

"I have been getting a lot of useful information from HIF-net. It is wonderful." Lynda Arthur, Coordinator, Health Foundation Ghana [2002]

"I continue to be impressed by the breadth and depth of contributions on HIF-net. It is amazing how ideas get transformed into reality within a very short span of time. Keep it up!" Dr Fred Bukachi, Chair, SatelLife HealthNet Kenya [2002]

"Thanks so much and well done for a great service... I am so enjoying the daily windows into other worlds that your network.. . . I am sharing with my colleagues as far as I can.. . . Everyone I have put in touch is really a 'satisfied customer'. . ." Nicky Blundell Brown, Director of Training, AMREF Headquarters, Nairobi, Kenya [2002]

"What a great resource! . . . I'm in correspondence with colleagues in India, UK, USA and Kenya, all of whom have had practical experience in the challenge that we are now facing. Whatever we do, we know that someone has done it, or an aspect of it, before. HIF-net enables us to make contact with those people in days if not hours. Thank you." Tom Noel, Programmes Communications Officer, AMREF Headquarters, Nairobi, Kenya [2002]

"... I have been inundated with help from beautiful people all over the world. How enriched and informed I feel, after feeling so overwhelmed the other day... As I learn I will share with all the good folks who have already shared so much with me... Truly, I cannot tell you, how much help I have received already. Last night I stayed up the entire night until 5 am, reading and responding, and looking at the websites suggested. It is not an understatement to say that this has saved me. It will make such a difference for me here, to help these students and faculty, and thus to increase the odds for some of the people in Nepal to receive compassionate and caring health care services. Many thanks, I don't feel like I'm alone any longer." Suzy Conway, Medical Librarian, Kathmandu University Medical School, Nepal [2002]

Summaries of discussions on HIF-net

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