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INASP Newsletter

The INASP Newsletter is published three times a year.

The next INASP Newsletter will be published in Spring 2006. If you would like to contribute to its contents, please write to the editor at the Oxford address.
Contributions must be received by 1 January 2006.

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Latest Issue

INASP Newsletter Autumn 2005 html or PDF

In this issue:

  • Bandwidth management and optimisation: the importance of executive management and leadership
  • University of Nairobi Library’s automation project: lessons learnt
  • Marketing e-resources to university staff and students in Pakistan
  • Monitoring and evaluating e-resource use at University of Dar es Salaam Library
  • ELIN@ and its future as an e-resources management tool in developing countries 
  • ELIN@ in action at Makerere University
  • Scientific and research information in Bolivia: situational review and recommendations with reference to digital libraries
  • Institutional repositories – today’s realities
  • Using open source software Greenstone for a network of digital collections 
  • Electronic theses and dissertations: defining the objective and secondary challenges
  • The current digital status of university libraries in Africa: an INASP report 

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