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Web Page Design and Authoring, leading to Library Web Pages

This workshop is designed as a 4.5 day hands-on workshop with a mixture of presentations, computer based hands-on exercises, small group work and discussions. However, all of the modules used in the workshop are designed to be stand alone and so could be put together in any combination that was felt to be appropriate. The workshop and its materials are designed to accompany the PERI programme but can be used outside of this.

Learning Objectives

  • To train librarians and other information professionals in Web page authoring
  • To provide participants with a working knowledge of the technical skills required for Web page authoring and HTML
  • To provide participants with the skills needed to prepare and use images in Web pages
  • To highlight the importance of designing and building scalable, accessible and usable Web sites


By the end of the workshop participants will:

  • Learn how to create Web pages using a number of different techniques
  • Been introduced to a range of Web page authoring tools and how to use them effectively
  • Understand techniques of reverse engineering Web sites using HTML coding
  • Understand the importance of accessibility and usability of Web pages
  • Learn how to prepare and use images in Web pages
  • To understand the importance of good Web page and Web site design
  • To have an overview of project management skills associated with Web site development projects

Responsibilities of participants

This workshop requires a considerable amount of effort on the part of the participant in order for them to develop the skills learned during the sessions. Much of this personal development will take place outside of the workshop. Course participants should be prepared to devote a significant amount of time to developing these skills after the end of the workshop. In addition participants may need to complete the workshop exercises outside of the core workshop hours.

It is also important for participants to read and follow the instructions for the exercises very carefully. The exercises are arranged so that each part of an exercise builds on the previous part. Participants should only move onto subsequent parts of an exercise once they have completed the preceding section. If they are unsure of the task or have questions they should consult the workshop facilitator rather than 'jumping ahead'.

A full breakdown of the pilot modules is available to review.

Course Materials

All of the materials for running this workshop are freely available to download and use - please read our copyright and conditions of use statements first. We do ask you to complete a simple registration form (so that we can track usage and interest in these materials). We are also very keen to hear from people who have used or are thinking of using the materials - all are most welcome.

  • Download workshop materials - these materials have been updated 12 May 2005.
    The materials are available in English only at this stage.