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Electronic Information Resources for Health Workers

Electronic information resources for medical librarians and researchers; with a special emphasis on resources available through the PERI programme.

A 3-5 day hands-on workshop - that has been created by combining elements from the Using the Internet and Electronic Journals workshops and adapted with health workers (in particular librarians working in health related disciplines) and researchers in mind. Particular emphasis is given to using electronic information resources that are available through PERI that are of most interest to those working in the health related disciplines. Workshop materials are available in: English only.


  • Module 1: Workshop introduction and overview - introductions, aims and objectives, learning outcomes, format, housekeeping, admin issues, etc. Presentation.
  • Module 2. Introduction to the Internet. What the Internet is, its development, browsers, Internet basics. Presentation, theory and hands-on exercises.
  • Module 3. Search engines and effective searching on the Web: How to search the Web effectively and find the information that you need. Presentation, theory and hands-on exercises.
  • Module 4. Information gateways and subject based resources: Introduction to subject based information gateways and other subject based portals to online information. Presentation and hands-on exercises.
  • Module 5: Electronic library resources introduction and overview - what are the range of electronic journals and scholarly databases types that are available for use in Libraries? Presentation, theory and hands-on exercises.
  • Module 6: Review of the PERI programme and the resources available within it. What resources are included in the PERI programme? Overview and demonstration of all resources. Presentation, theory and hands-on exercises.
  • Module 6B: Review of the HINARI programme and electronic information resources. NEW module to include content supplied by HINARI.
  • Module 7: Copyright and licensing - overview and detailed coverage of copyright and licensing or electronic journals and scholarly databases, with particular reference to resources available as part of PERI. Presentation and discussion.
  • Module 8: Management of electronic resources - summary of issues. Presentation and discussion.
  • Module 9: Managing implementation and user access - developing local implementation and usage management policies and strategies in light of local conditions and cost /financial limitations. Ideas for user /reader services and institutional wide access to electronic journals and scholarly database resources. Presentation and discussion.

Course Materials

All of the materials for running this workshop are freely available to download and use - please read our copyright and conditions of use statements first. We do ask you to complete a simple registration form (so that we can track usage and interest in these materials). We are also very keen to hear from people who have used or are thinking of using the materials - all are most welcome.