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Introduction to "Using the Internet"

Aim of the Workshop: To enable students, academics, researchers and library staff to access and use the Internet effectively for teaching, learning and research.

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn:

  • What the Internet, in particular the World Wide Web, is
  • How to access/navigate on the Internet
  • How to search the Internet effectively
  • The features/use of subject-based information gateways
  • How the Internet and email can support teaching, learning and research
  • How to assess the quality of information on the Internet
  • What makes an effective Web site
  • How to assess the value of the Internet versus its costs
  • To develop a training plan for Internet related topics in your institution.

For more details a full breakdown of the modules available in this workshop is available.

Course Materials

All of the materials for running this workshop (including PowerPoint presentations, speakers notes and exercises where appropriate) are available to download and use at no cost - please read our copyright and conditions of use statements first.

We do ask you to complete a simple registration form (so that we can monitor usage and interest in these materials). We are also very keen to hear from people who have used or are thinking of using the materials - all are most welcome.

Details of resources and sites used during the workshop are also available online.

The materials are currently available in English, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and French.

The materials contained here were originally developed as part of the Library Support Programme and were used in a series of workshops (1999 to 2001) run for university library staff in nine African countries. The sessions were hosted and organized by university libraries. More...