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Train the trainer: administering and facilitating effective training events

These materials are designed to accompany a workshop supporting the training or trainers or to help a trainer prepare for a training event. The materials are only partially complete and are still being worked on, they should be completed over the coming months. The general outline of the workshop materials is provided below, along with an indication of which materials are currently available.

These materials have been developed by a collaborative effort between INASP and IICD within the framework of the ItrainOnline initiative. The final materials will be hosted on the ItrainOnline trainers pages - if you are interested in this subject area then these pages are an excellent set of resources and a recommended starting place.

Planning the Training Event

  • TTT Guide for Information and Technology Trainers: Overview of key competencies in implementing effective training events [available]
  • Planning a training event overview [available]
  • Module 1 : Providing Logistical Support - overview [available]
    • 1.1 Define the training framework [available]
    • 1.2 Define role of the training administrator [available]
    • 1.3 Manage the budgeting process
    • 1.4 Manage the invitation process
    • 1.5 Determine and select training venue
    • 1.6 Manage travel and accommodation requirements
    • 1.7 Determine and select Subject Matter Specialist
    • 1.8 Manage technical and human resources
    • 1.9 Review and evaluate the training logistics and support
  • Module 2: Developing training programmes - overview [available]
    • 2.1 Identify participants [available]
    • 2.2 Understand adult learning principles [available]
    • 2.3 Design needs assessments: strategies and tools
    • 2.4 Conduct and analyse needs assessments [available]
    • 2.5 Develop learning objectives - workshop/session
    • 2.6 Develop content outline
    • 2.7 Identify appropriate training and facilitation techniques
    • 2.8 Develop training programmes

Training Content

  • Module 3: Adapting and Developing Content - overview [available]
    • 3.1 Identify and assess existing materials
    • 3.2 Adapt materials
    • 3.3. Validate the training design
    • 3.4 Finalise materials

Training Delivery

  • Module 4: Implementing Effective Training Events - overview [available]
    • 4.1 Apply adult learning principles
    • 4.2 Identify differences between training and facilitation
    • 4.3 Use appropriate training and facilitation techniques
    • 4.4 Create positive learning environment
    • 4.5 Co-facilitate with Subject Matter Specialists (Resource Persons)
    • 4.6 Verify achievement of learning objectives

Training Evaluation

  • Module 5: Evaluating and Reviewing Training - overview [available]
    • 5.1 Summarise the process of evaluation
    • 5.2 Select training and evaluation methods
    • 5.3 Assess and summarise training experiences
    • 5.4 Assess impact of training event
    • 5.5 Report evaluation results
    • 5.6 Apply outcomes of evaluation and review

All of the materials for running this workshop are freely available to download and use - please read our copyright and conditions of use statements first.